mRNA vaccine approaches to cancer treatment

Seminar Date: May 15, 2024 Theme:Cancer

Despite huge advances in screening, detection and care, it is estimated that half of us will experience cancer in our lifetime. Cancer vaccines are an exciting new approach to the treatment of cancer, and a number of products are entering clinical trials across the globe.

In this seminar, two experts talk about their research into the use of mRNA vaccines in cancer treatment.

Professor Robin Shattock is Head of Mucosal Infection and Immunity in the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial College London. Professor Shattock talks about the basic
biology of mRNA vaccines and their potential use in cancer.

Dr David Pinato is Clinician Scientist in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London and a Consultant Oncologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
Dr Pinato talks about his research programme including early trials of mRNA cancer immunotherapies.

Professor Robin Shattock

Dr David Pinato