Our Vision & Strategy


The purpose of Imperial College AHSC is to align the research, education and clinical care missions of the university and NHS partners and accelerate the translation of research into better patient outcomes and population health.

The AHSC’s vision is to reduce the burden of disease and improve human health by:

  • Preventing disease wherever possible,
  • Where ill health cannot be prevented, to detecting it earlier, and
  • For all diagnosed disease, developing better disease treatments.

The AHSC forward strategy unites common priorities in the partner institutions and aligns with local and national health goals

Strategic Objectives

To deliver on its vision, 2020-2025 AHSC objectives are to:

  • Champion a Convergence Science approach to health improvement harnessing Imperial’s world class expertise in physics, chemistry, engineering, maths, computing and business
  • Develop new programmes in disease prevention leveraging capability in Imperial School of Public Health
  • Become the leading centre for Real World Evidence studies in the UK capitalising on local and national NHS informatics platforms
  • Educate and involve our local community and workforce in tomorrow’s healthcare
  • Capitalise on clinical transformation initiatives to deliver innovation in integrated care
  • Support economic growth at our Life Sciences Campuses at White City and Sutton

We will focus on six priority disease areas where the AHSC has academic critical mass and clinical expertise: