Humans of Health Research

The AHSC has been showcasing the people behind research that seeks to improve health for all through a photography-led exhibition called ‘Humans of Health Research’. The exhibition showcases NHS staff from across the partnership working in a range of medical specialities and roles, alongside their patients who have benefited from the research work.

Each portrait features interviews with the subjects who talk about why they do research, key highlights, and advice for future researchers. Patients also talk about the reasons why they got involved in research, their experiences, and how these have changed their health and lives.

The team behind the exhibition hope to inspire healthcare staff and patients in the AHSC and beyond to get involved with research.

Dr Shivani Misra and Rodney Brooks
Dr Shivani Misra and Rodney Brooks A consultant physician in Diabetes & Metabolic Medicine and her patient talk about work to identify and effectively treat rare types of diabetes
Dr Sumeet Hindocha
Dr Sumeet Hindocha A clinical oncology specialist talks about his work using machine learning methods to identify lung cancer patients at risk of their cancer returning
Layla Bolton Saghdaoui
Layla Bolton Saghdaoui A vascular clinical research nurse on her work looking at how patients with venous leg ulcers are refereed for further investigations and treatments
Professor Azeem Majeed
Professor Azeem Majeed A primary care and public health professor talks about his work to improve COVID-19 vaccine confidence
Simran Kukran
Simran Kukran A PhD student working on a new type of imaging technique for brain tumours