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Our vision is to improve the quality of life of patients and populations by translating research discoveries into new therapies as quickly as possible.  The Imperial College AHSC works to achieve this by integrating and aligning the research strengths of Imperial College with the patient-centred expertise and clinical services provided by the NHS partner organisations.

Examples of translation in action are:

The research mission of the Imperial College AHSC is guided by a Research Committee, which oversees, develops and delivers co-ordinated approaches to translational science across the partnership.

AHSC Research Support Services

The AHSC has established shared support services to assist researchers in the set-up and delivery of projects. These services are available to AHSC researchers and provide a single management structure for research projects at Imperial and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHT).

Joint Research Office (JRO)

The JRO provides a range of services to assist and support administrative processes of research both pre- and post-award including:

  • access to funding for research and clinical trials
  • costing of research proposals
  • negotiation of funding contracts
  • financial management of awards and contracts

Joint Research Compliance Office (JRCO)

The JRCO ensures that Imperial and ICHT meet legal and regulatory requirements for the conduct of clinical research studies.

It can assist AHSC researchers by supporting protocol development and providing advice on regulatory submissions and other clinical research approval processes. It provides a series of workshops to help on various aspects of research such as ethical approval and data protection.

The JRCO also provides a regulatory oversight role on behalf of Imperial and ICHT through a programme of monitoring and audit.

Postgraduate clinical academic training support services are provided by the AHSC Clinical Academic Training Office  (CATO).