Clinical Academic Careers

Alignment of the partners’ activities for developing the next generation of healthcare professional research leaders is overseen by the AHSC Education Committee and supported by the Clinical Academic Training Office (CATO), the AHSC’s pan-professional clinical academic training hub.

CATO supports the development of clinical academics and researchers in all clinical health professions and career stages. The CATO programme includes:

  • Masterclasses and research conferences to encourage, develop and support participation
  • Information and signposting to ensure clinical academics have correct and timely information about funding and opportunities to ensure success in their careers
  • Guidance around research careers, mentoring and one-to-one advice
  • Research skills training, academic interview and writing workshops and resources such as the Clinical Research Training Framework
  • Targeted workshops to identify and nurture a growing cohort of ‘non-medical’ clinical academic researchers (Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professions, Healthcare Scientists, Pharmacy staff, Pharmacists, NMAHPPs)